Tennessee Dental Hygienists' Association

Kelly Gross2
Speaker of the House

Kelly Gross

Speaker of the House

I am Kelly Gross, I have been a practicing Dental Hygienist for over 39 years, and still going strong four days a week. Additionally, I work for Dent-ed-online educating dental assistants with coronal polishing and sealant applications. I love what I do and most of all, I love that I have been blessed by a wonderful employer, great co-workers, and a great group of fellow hygienists that I call friends. I am happily married to Mark for over 22 years and have a beautiful daughter Jaden that attends Western Kentucky University. Maggie and Mulan, my fur babies are helping me with the empty nest season. I joined SADHA at ETSU in 1981 and proudly can say I am still a member of our organization, TNDHA/ADHA. This organization has taught me leadership, perseverance, patience and so much more. I have seen wonderful advancements in dental hygiene however, this is by the work of many not a few. I am glad that I have been a small part of the many. These advancements have allowed me to enjoy my profession. I enjoy giving anesthesia, working without my doctor, and now having limited prescriptive authority. Although I have seen improvements and the care we provide to the public, there is still milestones to be had. We need to strive to make dental care accessible to all. As I slowly come to the end of my career, I hope the new generation of hygienists will feel the need and satisfaction to be an active member of this organization. Remembering it takes an army sometimes to make change. The future of their profession and the public is in their hands. I hope they will enjoy their career choice as much as I have.

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